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Hi All! My name is Saanvi Adusumalli and I am the leader/president of youth chapter Almaden. I am an upcoming sophomore at Leland High School. Growing up, I knew I always wanted to do something related to the betterment of kids. I love working with children and I am a firm believer of empowering the young and the under privileged through  education. I spent more time in support of girl child upliftment and have also sponsored education of three girls from an orphanage I associated myself with since their pre-school through high school education.

 I have been with Janyaa since I was 8 years old and it resonated with the cause I believed in. Janyaa youth chapter is designed to raise awareness and through awareness increase support for the organization using my strengths and resources. 

I would be more than happy to speak with anyone regarding any questions about this chapter !!

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